What has Australian aid done for Women’s Resilience in South Asia?

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How does Australian aid promote women's resilience in South Asia?

Female Leadership

Through training, and partnership we can strengthen women’s leadership in their local communities.

Prevent Disasters

As leaders in the family and community, preparing women to reduce risk in emergencies and prevent disaster spreading.

Measured Improvements

In partnership, we developed a tool to measure local women’s resilience and enable women to advocate for change.

Australian aid has empowered women like Sabita

here's her story.

Thanks to Australian Aid, Sabita Rani, a women’s leader from the remote district of Patauakhali in Southern Bangladesh travelled to the UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Japan earlier this year to speak about the experiences of women in her community.

Sabita Rani, Southern Bangladesh.

How Australian aid has changed the world for women in South Asia

People trained

Australian aid has helped to train 760 people in resilience building activities.

Community Leaders

Through Australian aid, two female community leaders were able to present their local experience at a UN conference.


Australian aid has built or upgraded 9000 classrooms across Cambodia.

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