What has Australian aid done for Women’s Empowerment in Palestine?

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How does Australian aid promote women's resilience in South Asia?

Building Livelihoods

Women were provided with the skills and capital to establish viable small businesses and other income generating activities according to their interests.

Support Networks

Through their participation in support groups established by Australian aid women gained the confidence to start business activities.

Rights Awareness

Support groups also developed womens’ capacities to advocate for their rights at both community and household levels.

Australian aid has empowered women like Huda

here's her story.

Huda Hawadeh, a Palestinian mother of seven, lives in A’Samua in Palestine’s West Bank. The village was cut off from the land that was owned, loved and farmed by its residents when the separation wall was built by Israel in 2003 – an act which severely impacted livelihoods and access to jobs. This is Huda’s story.

Huda Hawadeh, Palestine

How Australian aid has changed the world for women in Palestine?

Female Entrepreneurs

Through Australian aid support, 17 women in Palestine purchased sheep and 5 established other businesses.


Australian aid helped to increase work and livelihood opportunities for 93 rural women and men in Palestine.


Australian aid has helped 84 women in Palestine organise projects to address unemployment.

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