How does Australian aid promote gender equality in Uganda?


What has Australian aid done for Gender Equality in Uganda?

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How does Australian aid promote gender equality in Uganda?

Economic Independence

Providing business training for women, who can become more effective and independent through the vegetable farming trade in Uganda.

Better Governance

Women’s groups can advocate for greater influence in policy and program decisions that impact them, and their community.

Increased Awareness

Through education programs, women are able to challenge and overcome gender based violence and discrimination.

Australian aid works to empower women in Uganda,

here's one woman's story.

Justine Njoo never went to school. She was married to an abusive husband, and in 1986 underwent Female Gential Mutilation. Then she joined a community women’s group, funded by Australian aid, and new doors began to open.

Girl in school in Nepal.

How Australian aid has changed the world for children

women trained

Australian aid has helped to train 300 women in Uganda in using new technology to grow and sell more vegetables.

Women Equipped

Australian aid has helped 240 women increase their income through direct sale of raw and processed items.


Australian aid has built or upgraded 9000 classrooms across Cambodia.

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