What has Australian aid done for Ending Avoidable Blindness?

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How does Australian Aid help people to overcome avoidable blindness?

Empowering Health Workers

Australian aid helps to end avoidable blindness by empowering health workers, and nurses in South East Asia with the training they need to identify, prevent and treat vision loss.

Running Sight Screenings

Australian aid helps to end avoidable blindness by directly screening people for conditions that lead to vision loss and blindness.

Providing Treatment

Australian aid helps to end avoidable blindness by treating people through surgery, glasses and the medicines they need to restore their sight.

Australian aid is

helping to end avoidable blindness.

Australian Aid is helping to end avoidable blindness in our region. In South East Asia, the Avoidable Blindness Initiative has funded work by NGOs on the ground in countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and Timor Leste. Here’s a little more about what that funding has helped to achieve.

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Nurses in a maternity ward in Fiji, 2011
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Through Australian aid, and programs like the Avoidable Blindness Initiative, people have been able to access treatments that can restore their sight. 

Check out this great video made by our friends at the Fred Hollows Foundation and the Brien Holden Vision Institute, on the amazing work we are doing through Australian aid to end preventable blindness: 

Our Australian Aid has supported the ongoing work of great charities and organisations like The Fred Hollows Foundation, Brien Holden Vision Institute, CBM Australia, Foresight Australia, RANZCO and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons to continue their work in supporting people as they overcome avoidable blindness.

It’s meant that glasses could be distributed to kids who cannot see without them. It’s meant nurses and health workers have been taught to screen and treat people at risk of blindness and vision impairment. All of this means that people can build their own, brighter future – with school and work a reality.

How Australian aid has helped tackle avoidable blindness

Training Sessions

Australian Aid has helped run 2,267 training sessions for health works in Cambodia, Vietnam and Timor Leste since 2013.

People screened

Australian Aid has funded sight screenings for 48.186 people in South East Asia since 2013.

people treated

Australian Aid has provided treatments for 16,562 people in order to help improve or restore their site.

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