Movers & Shakers Practicum

A 3-weeks project designed to provide opportunities for participants to apply all theories and skills, in a real-life environment.



Practicum available in three streams:

1. Digital
Design and deliver cross platform content, in written & graphics
Engage & acquire new audiences to action
2. Organising
Organise a community action eg phone bank(s)/promotion party(s)/doorknocking
Take part in face to face university engagement (s)
Engaging your networks effectively
3. Media
Write an op-ed
Write to Letters to the editors in local papers
Conduct interviews on radio/newspaper

Assessment of the practicum will be base on execution and outcome

1. Execution: Documenting the strategy, the theory of change, why you chose a particular tactic and the assumptions behind. The process on how you go about carrying that out.
2. Outcome: (based on the specific project):Eg Delivering 50 or more sign-ups with a 30% or great conversion rate (15 actual attendees) to the flagship Campaign Comedy event in October

Based on assessment participants will be awarded with 1. Certificate of competence; or 2. Certificate of competence with distinction; 


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