Step Up On Climate And Poverty

Phone your local MP to ask them to step up on climate change, not step back.

On the 17th of October 2017 the Government stepped back on climate change, emissions reduction targets and renewable energy (solar/wind).

It’s important that people like you voice your concern and let your MP know that we need strong action on climate change because saving our planet and lifting people out of poverty are one and the same fight.

We’ve created a simple tool to phone your MP – just enter your name and mobile number and you’ll immediately get a call from us with a short message with some quick tips. We’ll then transfer you directly to your MPs office.

As people who care about Australia’s role in the world, we have a unique perspective to share about the impact of climate change on people who live in some of the poorest parts of the world and the importance of tackling climate change and poverty as connected global challenges.  

This campaign is backed by Australia's aid & development groups

Business for Development is for Australian Aid VGen is for Australian Aid Australian Conservation Foundation is for Australian Aid
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