Facebook Live Q&A with Julie Bishop

This is our chance to take “Up to Us” to the next level and directly influence the key decision-maker (Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop) with our thoughts and questions.

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We would also encourage you to watch and post your thoughts during the Facebook Live event.

Below are some suggestions. You might like to pick one that you like as a starting point.  

  • Australia should be doing more to support those in need like the people living in East Africa and Yemen who are on the brink of famine with around 20 million people facing starvation. Is the government considering increasing aid, in particular to humanitarian crises like the current famine?
  • Isn’t it time for Australia to make climate change a foreign policy priority given that climate change will have devastating impact on people living in the poorest parts of the world, including our neighbours?
  • Our climate is changing with drastic consequences for millions of people. Will you do more to curb Australian and global pollution of our water, air and land that is causing climate change?
  • Australians care about others, are compassionate and want to work together with others to rectify injustice and ease suffering. Will that be reflected in your White Paper?
  • There are around 800 million people living in extreme poverty. How will Australia contribute towards ending global poverty by 2030?
  • 8 billionaires have as much wealth as the poorest half of the world (3.6 billion people). Will reducing inequality be an aim of Australia’s foreign policy?
  • Your government has cut aid to the lowest level ever at a time when the need to work together to solve tough global challenges has never been greater. Do you agree that such cuts have helped feed the nationalist and protectionist “Australia first” sentiment?
  • The Government has cut Australian Aid to the lowest level in our history at a time when global challenges require us to work together more than ever before, walking away from people living in the world’s poorest communities. Will you reverse these drastic cuts?
  • I want to see the Government take greater action on climate change, world poverty and inequality. Our foreign policy should be about future generations, not just focussed on what’s in it for us today. We need to approach Australia’s and the world’s problems with an attitude that we’re all in this together.
  • The challenges the world faces can’t be solved as single issues and no one nation can solve its problems alone.
  • Australia must be a global leader, helping to solve the world’s toughest challenges and work towards a fairer, more sustainable and peaceful world.

This campaign is backed by Australia's aid & development groups

Business for Development is for Australian Aid VGen is for Australian Aid Australian Conservation Foundation is for Australian Aid
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