Judith Lucy

Judith Lucy is for Australian Aid

Australia's iconic comedian has a thing or two to say about the Governments ongoing cuts to Australian Aid


Judith Lucy is an icon of Australian comedy, and today, she’s taken a stand for one of our country’s most iconic achievements on the world stage, Australian Aid.

As a master of observational, and brutally honest comedy, Judith Lucy is used to telling it like it is.

So when we sat down with her, and asked her why she supported the Campaign for Australian Aid, we weren’t too shocked to hear her matter-of-fact answer.

If you like what Judith had to say, then join her, and us in writing to the Prime Minister calling on him to begin the process of repairing our Australian aid budget. 

We’ve launched a fast-mailer, that let’s you instantly send a real-life, paper letter to Malcolm Turnbull showing your support for Australian aid – so what are you waiting for? Do what Judith says, and stand up for Australian Aid. 

Watch more Australians standing up for Australian Aid here.

This campaign is backed by Australia's aid & development groups

Business for Development is for Australian Aid VGen is for Australian Aid Australian Conservation Foundation is for Australian Aid
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